What they're saying...

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for the dance lesson tonight. I really enjoyed it, and it sparked my desire to learn more. I love the professionalism (advice) you brought but still made it light and fun.”

—Deanna Dewell-Price

“I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your East Coast Swing class! I felt it all fall into place on Tuesday night and after that I had a blast putting all the turns together. I don't think I stopped smiling the entire hour.”

—Melissa Davis

“I really enjoy dance classes and especially appreciate your great teaching. Thank you so much. I am inspired to keep dancing.”

—Barbara Clark

“Wonderful dance class last night. Thanks for being so observant and helpful on the (cross step waltz) lead's underarm step. When I got home I practiced crosing left foot over right on the 4 count again and again untill I unlearned the bad habit I had developed. This morning when I practiced, my feet knew exactly what to do without thinking.”


“I just wish I were closer to Bainbridge so I felt I could take more of your classes!! You are - in my opinion - the best teacher around. It's your understanding of dance itself: form, mechanics as well as patterns.”

—Katy Festinger

“I was in your beginning Salsa class a year ago and enjoyed it...looking forward to East Coast Swing and more Salsa. I know with your guidance neither of us will want to get off of the dance floor...Smiles,”

—Linda Hofferber

“Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us the first dance we will have as a couple. You were so patient and kind that dancing, which has always been stressful and humbling for me, was a joy. Thank you for getting us started off on the right foot!”

—Nicole (and Bradon)

“What you do appears and feels magical...the confidence, the positivism, the inner sense of effortless power...You can take others to another place, an enchanting place...What a gift.”

—Rick Garland

“Always have a fun time and really enjoy learning to dance and you are a great teacher. Very kind to us when we flop around like fishes.”

—Cheryle Elmquist

“I really enjoyed myself at the Salsa class on Tuesday. Nice to meet you (I appreciate your calm, confident teaching style) and to delve into something completely new. Having never taken any dance classes, previously, I felt much like a fish outta water.But had a blast and feel great about what I learned. ”

—Rick Hatten

“Sheila, that was a great time for us. We appreciated your positive upbeat cheery personality.”

—Lee Ann Cari

“The Salsa dance at Island Center last night was a blast. I had really missed dancing after being away from it too long. Thanks for hosting!!!”

—Beth Worthington

“I love your enthusiasm. Thank you for providing a dancing venue!!! for our community. I find that I am loving waltzing more and more...Saturday was fun!!”

—Basilia Brownell

“This evening, for the first time, I attended your beginner's Salsa class at Vinland Elementary School. I very much enjoyed it. I am a single guy and one thing that I particularly appreciated was how you had the leads rotate.”

—Rob MacDermid

“I wish you could have seen Charlie at the 8th grade banquet. He danced for about two hours! He even danced the final slow dance with a girl! He was just beaming! He said it was the best dance he had ever been to. He has been faithfully going to the dances at Woodward for two years and this is the first time he has ever danced. Thank you so much for all you have done. The lessons gave him a lot of confidence. He is such a happy kid now! Thanks again!”

—Marilyn Sargent

“First thing is I would like to extend a great big thank you from my parents and myself for your instruction before my little sister's wedding this past weekend. It is pretty much impossible to describe in words how beautiful, surreal and downright fun the entire day was. And your instruction to the three of us was a huge boost in confidence to get out there and tear up the floor to Lily's dulcet tones. I was even able to give a bit of instruction to some of my cousins to get them off their chairs. So, thank you again for your wonderful lessons and I'm sure I'll be seeing you in the near-future.”

—Alexander Given

“ We are having great fun learning from you and, truly, you are a fabulous teacher. You really know how to break down your instruction into the smallest parts and offer just the right amount of tips for a novice to concentrate on ~ AND you manage to smile all the while. I've been teaching elementary kids for 25+ years ... so I know that isn't always easy! You do so with grace. Thank you! ”

—Mary Frances (Boo) Burkhalter

“Thank you so much for the great salsa classes! I'm really learning a lot and having a great time. You are right - they are all wonderful people, and I am sure they are there because of your great spirit as well as your artful and insightful instruction.”

—Sally Hewitt

“I thought about class on the way home and realized that 50 yrs ago I was sent to "dancing school" and felt about the same way...wondering how to get my feet to do new things and being awkward and a little anxious...by the end of the evening I have the 4 steps and the turn pretty well down...it was very cool how the BB King tune changed how my body moved as I listened to the music and not the voice in my head that was trying to remember how to move.”

—Chip Barker

“You're doing a wonderful thing for your community, Sheila. So many people do horrid things with their lives and tear down the world. You're one of the ones who builds it up and makes it better through your love of dancing and your talent as an inspirational dancer and teacher. Que Viva el Baile Por Siempre!”

—Paul Dudley

“Your music was toooooooooo good last night. It didn't give me a chance to catch my breath. Great dance...great turnout...I'm happy for all the dancers, and especially for Educated Feet.”

—Clay Eaton

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