Registration Policy The listing for each class specifies a deadline for registration. This date is when minimum enrollment numbers must be met. If there is insufficient registration by the deadline, the class will be cancelled and registrants will be called with the bad news. In addition, it is also possible that if numbers are extremely low a few days prior to deadline, a series may be pushed back to allow ample time to meet minimum. Or, cancelled and new dance offering presented. So please register as early as you can!

Providing we have met minimum numbers, registration for classes remains open until the second class of the series. No new registrations are accepted after the second week.

Unless otherwise specified, classes are open to both teens and adults. Partners are not necessary but do help balance the class.

Registration, a signed waiver, and payment are all required before participation.

PayPal Registration You can register for many classes online using PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal account—you can use a credit card. Just click the button next to the class you want. If do you register using PayPal, please include your phone number and address (or at least indicate whether you live on or off the island) in the box labeled "Special instructions for the merchant." That will make it easier for us to contact you if class dates change. Also, if you are registering more than one person, please list the names of all people you are registering in the special instructions box.

Class Policies Check yourselves in on weekly attendance sheet and wear first name tags. Rotating partners is recommended, but not mandatory. Time is provided to dance with original partners.

We try to the balance lead/follow ratio on a weekly basis. Please let the instructor know if you’ll miss a class. As much notice as possible is greatly appreciated but even 1 hour ahead may allow time to pull in a lead or follow.

Instruction Unless noted, instruction is at the beginner to intermediate level. Level II classes provide intermediate to advanced instruction. If you choose a level II class, please be sure you have a solid foundation in the specific dance offered. The prerequisite for level II classes is participation in 2 prior series.

Winter/Spring Class Schedule


Island Center Hall (ICH)
8395 Fletcher Bay Road, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

How to register: Register with Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District at (206) 842-2302 or online by clicking on an activity number below or by navigating to

East Coast SwingWhether you like Rock, Blues, R & B or Big Band music, Swing is always in! East Coast Swing is a fun and versatile dance for slow or fast rhythms. It’s easy to learn, intuitive, and not terribly structured. Learn basic patterns with turns, spins and wraps, along with timing and leading/following techniques. Great for nightclubs, parties, weddings or the ballroom and a logical place to begin to learn partner dancing. First series, 4 count rhythm or 1 step to slow-to-med tempos; 2nd series, 6 count rhythm to faster tempos. A popular choice for beginners. Basics ∓ beyond.

Activity #111225-02

Tue  6:45-7:45pm  2/26-3/26   $60
Please register by 10am on Monday, February 25.

Swingin' Foxtrot One of the most common and easy to learn social dances, Foxtrot is danced to tunes of Frank Sinatra and other famous crooners. Swing is our most popular all-American dance! The 2 styles go hand-in-hand for a smooth and elegant combination. First series, Foxtrot on its own; 2nd series, mix favorite Swing & Foxtrot patterns using simple walking steps. Slow to med tempos. Easy to learn, versatile on the dance floor. Good choice for beginners.

Activity #111223-02

Tue  7:45-8:45pm  2/26-3/26   $60
Please register by 10am on Monday, February 25.

Triple-Time Swing and LindyhopComfortable with Swing patterns? Time to add triple steps to your repertoire! First, we'll ease into triple time Swing, 6-count and then add 8 count patterns. Soon, we'll be dancing Lindy Hop, AKA Savoy Swing and the granddaddy of Swing dances! 1st series, learn a variety of smooth Lindy patterns. 2nd series, weave playful steps & fun styling into your dance! Smooth Lindy danced to slow-to-medium tempos.

Activity #111227-01

Tue  6:45-7:45pm  4/9-5/7   $60

Activity #111227-02

Tue  6:45-7:45pm  5/21-6/18   $60

Cross-Step WaltzA modern version of the popular slow Waltz, Cross-Step is easy to learn yet endlessly innovative. It travels and rotates like traditional waltz but the addition of the cross-step opens up a wide range of playful yet gracefully flowing variations. Relaxed style and satisfying for both beginners and experienced dancers. Different patterns taught each series.

Activity #111224-01

Tue  7:45-8:45pm  4/9-5/7   $60

Activity #111224-02

Tue  7:45-8:45pm  5/21-6/18   $60


Vinland Elementary
22104 Rhododendron Lane NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370

How to register: Call Poulsbo Parks and Recreation at (360) 779-9898. Due to liability coverage, you must register, sign a waiver and be on the roster before participating in a class. Or register online at

East Coast SwingA favorite jazzy American dance from the 20’s and still swingin' today! Swing is the logical place to begin to learn partner dancing. It’s easy to learn, intuitive, and not terribly structured. Learn to dance to different tempos by changing rhythm patterns. A popular choice for beginners. Basics & beyond.

Thu  6:30-7:30pm  2/21-3/14  $48
Please register by Tuesday, February 19.

Swingin' the BluesSwing steps blend with Blues for a smooth and intimate style. It’s a versatile partner dance that emphasizes individual expression and improvisation. Suitable for slower tempos, particularly jazz & blues. This is a must learn one step dance using easy walking footwork. A good choice for beginners. Basics & beyond.

Thu  7:30-8:30pm  2/21-3/14  $48
Please register by Tuesday, February 19.

Country SwingThis simple “4-count Swing” style is very versatile! Easy walking footwork and steady four count patterns make it popular with not only Country but all types of current music and any tempo you can comfortably keep up with. Many Swing dancers love the arm-work involved with swinging, wrapping and turning their partners.

Thu  6:30-7:30pm  4/18-5/9  $48
Minimum registration by Tuesday, April 16.

Country 2 StepOften called the “Texas Two-Step” or simply the “Two-Step,” this is a lively and popular dance style with plenty of turns! Travels counterclockwise around the dance floor and is usually danced to Country music but fits other genres, as well. Dance medium-fast tempos in this smooth version using a “Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow” rhythm.

Thu  7:30-8:30pm  4/18-5/9  $48
Minimum registration by Tuesday, April 16.


Island Center Hall (ICH)
8395 Fletcher Bay Road, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

How to register: Register with Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District at (206) 842-2302 or online by clicking on an activity number below or by navigating to

Sizzling SalsaThe name "salsa" correctly describes the flavor of this dance: hot! Energetic and passionate with lots of fun spins, sharp movement and crisp turns! Learn patterns in the two most popular styles, Salsa en Linea and Cuban style! Both are club dances and mix well on the floor. 1st series, beginning level covers basic patterns. 2nd series, intermediate level makes simple patterns exciting with spins, drapes, hair combs & styling. Emphasis on lead & follow skills.

Activity #111228-01

Thu  6:45-7:45pm  3/21-4/11   $50

Activity #111228-02

Thu  6:45-7:45pm  5/23-6/13   $50

RumbaThe mother of Salsa, A moderately slow dance to Latin & contemporary music. Plenty of wraps, under arm turns and a truck load of flirtation. Often called the dance of love, you can Rumba to a wide variety of music from Tito Puente to Jimmy Buffet. Learn to string patterns together for nice combinations. Easy to learn, basics and beyond.

Activity #111229-01

Thu  7:45-8:45pm  3/21-4/11   $50

Cha ChaSimply Salsa slowed down but no less fiery and passionate! It has a relaxed style, combining the romanticism of Rumba with the triple Lindy steps of Swing. Danced to Latin & contemporary music with a strong beat and distinctive rhythm, it’s easy to learn. This is a fun, party dance and a good follow up to Rumba with similar patterns!

Activity #111230-01

Thu  7:45-8:45pm  5/23-6/13   $50